How to Apply for your Licence

VIP Package

With our VIP Package we arrange everything for you with just 3 visits and no Admin fees.

Visit 1

Apply online for your application form

Apply for your CRB

Arrange medical

Short B1 English assessment

Visit 2

Complete TfL application

Submit TfL application along with medical and CRB via Post Office Check and Send

Prepare for training and assessment once TfL have processed your application

Visit 3

Topographical training course

TfL Topographical Assessment

Free re-assessment if you fail


Standard Package

Find out how to apply to get an application pack

Try to complete your CRB form

Find a doctor to do your medical

Try to complete your TfL application form with all the attachments

Wait for TfL to return your forms because you have filled them in incorrectly

Find somewhere to do your Assessment

Fail your assessment

Pay for another assessment

Fail that and you lose your money and have to start again

David HirstVIP