Topographical Assessment

Under the London Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998, all new drivers have to complete a Topographical Knowledge assessment.  The current assessment is computer based, and consists of 4 modules.

Module 1 (10 marks) – Index based questions

Module 2 (11 marks) – General Topography

Module 3 (75 marks) – Planning a route (6 routes)

Module 4 (4 marks) – Compass point questions


TfL has recently announced its SERU assessment.  Many seem to think this is just about an English Test.  No it covers everything that you are supposed to know about being a Private Hire driver in London.

Ask us for more details

Learn all about the different routes through the tunnels, roundabouts and one way systems from the experts.

Learn how to pace yourself through the Assessment, so you have enough time to complete all the questions and which is the best order to answer the questions

Understand the 3 Golden Rules that TfL tell all drivers, and make sure you follow then – ensuring you get a good mark on your assessment and pass

Remember – We have been delivering Topographical training for nearly 25 years, and have been instrumental in advising the PCO on Private Hire training.

We are here to help you complete your PCO Licence Application form, arrange your medical and DBS Check.

How to book your Topographical Training Course

To book your course

  • Contact DPT by phone: 01753 424515 or email: to find out when the courses you want are running

Full days training – £120

TfL SERU Assessment Preparation – £50

David HirstTfL Topo Assessment