First Aid

DPT run Level 2 Certified H & S courses for all your staff and drivers

Although the First Aid regulations changed in 2013, Employers still have a legal duty to make arrangements to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. It doesn’t matter whether the injury or illness is caused by the work they do, what is important is that they receive immediate attention and that an ambulance is called in serious cases.

First aid can save lives and prevent minor injuries becoming major ones. First-aid provision in the workplace covers the arrangements that need to be made to manage injuries or illness suffered at work.

Our First Aid Courses

  • 3 day First Aid at Work FAW
  • 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW

All small companies should have at the very minimum 1 person who has done the 1 day course – the greater the number of employees the more First Aiders. Arguably all mobile workers should have some First Aid training in addition to a travel First Aid Kit.

Remember it is now the employers responsibility to ensure that all staff have access to proper First Aid cover and that all self employed drivers are suitably covered as well.

It is also a requirement that all employers have a system for recoding accidents and injuries in the workplace – this is a requirement under the Health and safety at Work Act 1974

The Health and safety at Work Act 1974 also applies to the self employed and sub contractors. Mobile workers, ie drivers should have their own provision for First Aid cover eg a First Aid Kit.

There is no mandatory requirement for the contents of a First Aid kit but recently British Standards introduced a suggested content BS 8599. To be compliant, it is suggested that all first aid kits should meet this standard. Kits come in 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large and Travel – all kits contain the same items – just the larger kits contain more of an item.

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