Emergency First Aid at Work

Perhaps the most important training course that anybody could attend

Key benefits of this course:

Delegates will gain self-confidence and a skill set that could literally save lives. Being a trained first aider gives people a sense of responsibility for their colleagues and a wider sense of responsibility for the company as a whole. Having trained first aiders at work is a benefit to any company as prompt action by trained first aiders in an emergency could not only save lives, but save money too.

During this course candidates will learn:

  • what is the role of the first aider
  • how to assess critical situations and act quickly, safely and effectively
  • how to administer first aid to an unconscious casualty
  • how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • how to deal with wounds and bleeding
  • how to help someone who is choking
  • the correct procedures for someone suffering from shock

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for staff of all professions and grades

Key facts:

  • Course length: 1 day
  • Qualification: Emergency first aid at work certificate; valid for three years.
  • Maximum class size: 15 people
  • Location: Slough (or at your place of work)
  • Cost: £xx per delegate
David HirstEmergency First Aid at Work