ECO/Safe Driving

Careful driving saves fuel as well as lives

Based on Department of Transport figures, drivers should be able to save between 5 – 15% on their fuel bills if they practice what they have learnt on the course.  ECO driving is a way of life and drivers must be prepared to adopt new techniques to make these savings.  Studies have shown that driving in this manner has little effect on journey time.  Equally importantly as fuel saving for the driver is the overall reduction in carbon emissions onto the environment.

During the course, you will learn about:


  • Why we need to practice ECO driving – What is happening to air quality, finite resources, the Planet
  • The principles of ECO driving – Gears, brakes, planning, tyres, design, checks – do you know how much fuel is used by simply changing gear?
  • Fuel Champions – See who can achieve the best results in your family, at work etc
  • Speed Awareness – Speed Kills – as well as wasting fuel
  • Speed/Hazard Awareness – Plan ahead – anticipate your surroundings and save lives as well as fuel
  • Cycle and LGV safety – Make sure you are aware of one of the most vulnerable groups of road users – cycling uses no fuel and zero emissions
  • Route Planning – No point trying to save fuel if you go the wrong way – learn how to plan the best, most economical route
  • ECO use of GPS – Most of us use our GPS to find the way to our destination – but is it actually taking you the most ECO friendly way – learn the principles behind in car navigation systems so you know what they are trying to tell you
David HirstECO/Safe Driving