Introduction to the role of the professional taxi and private hire driver – Level 2

Key benefits of this course:

Many local authorities now seek this qualification as part of the licensing process. Having fully trained drivers enables a company to grow and expand and seek new markets, in the knowledge that they are not going to be let down by untrained drivers.

Course Overview:

Consisting of 9 modules, this qualification is designed for both existing drivers and those new to the industry. It is also relevant for support staff as there is no driving assessment included. Learning for each unit is then assessed by an online test.

At DPT we group the 9 units into 2 groups covering the main topics. This enables us to show drivers the relevance of each unit to the others in that group.


Outline of the Covered Modules:

Vehicles and Driving


  • 1 Health and safety in the taxi and private hire work environment
  • 2 Road safety when driving passengers in a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • 4 Taxi and private hire vehicle maintenance and safety inspections
  • 7 Routes and fares in the taxi and private hire vehicle industries
  • 8 Transporting of parcels, luggage and other items in the taxi and private hire industries

Customer Service and Disability


  • 5 The regulatory framework of the taxi and private hire industry
  • 3 Professional customer service in the taxi and private hire industry
  • 6 Taxi and private hire services for passengers who require assistance
  • 9 Transporting of children and young persons by taxi or private hire vehicle

Normally the course will be delivered over 2 sessions lasting approximately 7 hours each which includes the online testing and the wheelchair assessments.  We realise that the industry is 24/7 and we do try to be as flexible as possible to fit training around work commitments.  This may include evening and weekend courses, and use of the workbook and private reading/study is encouraged.

Once all the on-line tests have been completed, certification normally takes 10 days.  Don’t worry if you fail a test, you can re-take free of charge

David HirstBTEC