B1 English

Trinity College B1 English Assessment


The Trinity Integrated Skills in English exam (ISE I), is approved by Transport for London for Private Hire Drivers to evidence B1 level proficiency in English.  Driver Periodic Training is now a listed SELT (Secure English Language Test)  course provider with Trinity College.  This now means you can study for your B1 exam along with your Topographical training in one location, and not have to travel to different venues around London.

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Your English exam is in 2 parts:

Reading and Writing – 4 Tasks – 2hrsListening

  • Task 1 — Long reading – 20mins 15 questions
  • Task 2 — Multi-text reading – 20mins 15 questions
  • Task 3 — Reading into writing – 40mins
  • Task 4 — Extended writing – 40mins 130 words

Speaking and Listening – 16minsSpeaking

  • Task 1 – Topic – 4mins to include: indefinite past; describing future; preferences; obligation
  • Task 2 – Conversation – 2mins on one of the set topics
  • Task 3 – Independent Listening – 10mins


Our one day Preparation Course is just that – we will take you through what is required, how to prepare your Topic including the Trinity College Topic sheet which has to be handed in to your examiner, tell you what the set topics are for the conversation and let you practice taking notes for the Independent Listening phase.  During the course you will work through some sample exams and we will evaluate your progress to let you know if you are ready to take the exam.  If we feel you are not ready, we will signpost the areas where we feel you need to practice more.  Once you are ready, we will book your test for you at one of the 3 test centres in London and ensure that TfL are updated on your pass.  Your certificate will come directly to us and we can notify TfL the same day.

Remember – time is running out.  A number of drivers have to provide this information by July


To book your Training and your Exam phone: 01753 424515

The 1 day B1 Preparation course is £100

1/2 day Topographical training course is £50

TfL Topographical Assessment is £50

All at the same venue

Find us on the Trinity College website: http://www.trinitycollege.com/site/?id=3642


Your Trinity College booking reference will be: LSCP1094 Driver Periodic Training

David HirstB1 English