B1 English

English Language Requirement

In the recent (2020) Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards issued by the Department for Transport it states “A Licensing Authority’s test of a driver’s proficiency should cover both oral and written English language skills

Transport for London have adopted the level B1 English CEFR qualification in





We are running regular training and assessment sessions for the B1.  The assessment is in 4 parts and lasts about 2 hours and is accepted by TfL

Speaking – The assessor will ask you some questions about yourself, followed by you giving a short presentation (90 secs) on a selected topic, followed by you having a discussion with a fellow candidate on a chosen topic

Listening – You will listen to a couple of recordings and then you have to answer questions about the recording.  Recordings are played twice.

Reading – You will be given various texts to read and then answer questions about what you have read

Writing – You have to write 2 short pieces of text about a given topic eg email, letter, review.

David HirstB1 English